Service Agreements provide annual preventative maintenance on your gym equipment at the same price for a 3-5 year term. They are designed to budget for service work and to avoid the unexpected fees with maintaining equipment. Although motors, broken parts, and other components might need replacing from time to time, having your equipment serviced at a district-wide level, on an annual basis, cuts down on major repairs and surprises. Not to mention, a Service Agreement shows your school district and community that you have an ongoing plan for maintenance and safety with a reputable firm. It shows that you care about safety.

Let us shed some light on typical questions we get on Service Agreements and explain the benefits of why school districts containing bleachers and basketball backstops would benefit from a Service Agreement by Charron.

Charron Bleachers President awarded for 5 years of supporting VSPMA!Charron Sport’s President, Maury Purcell, was just awarded a plaque for 5 continuous years of supporting the Virginia School Plant Management Association(VSPMA). Charron has supported VSPMA for the last 5 of the organization’s 7 years.

In addition to VSPMA, Charron has supported Florida’s association (FSPMA) for 22 years; Kentucky’s (KSPMA) for 16 years, Tennessee’s (TSPMA) for 15 years, Georgia’s association for 10 years, and Alabama’s association for 5 years.

Charron believes in actively supporting these associations and their ongoing educational efforts. Maury has presented numerous times to these organizations on bleacher inspections and maintenance.

Charron Sports Services provides bleacher installation, inspection, and repair in the SoutheastFootball season is coming up! With high school or independent league games soon to be a near-weekly occurrence, you may already have a child preparing to start training for the season or just be looking forward to attending the games as a fan. As much fun as these games are to watch, it’s all too easy to go from a devoted supporter to the kind of fan whose behavior can ruin things for everyone else. Here’s a few tips on what NOT to do when watching the game:

Charron Bleachers provides top-notch bleacher installation, repair, and maintenance!Did your football stands get installed or updated on time this year, or find yourself mired in delays? Were people filing into the stands while workers were still putting on finishing touches and cleaning up? If so, you’re not alone!

It’s a common problem, and happens year after year. The reasons for delay can be many — an extended streak of bad weather, mistakes by the manufacturer, poor installers/contractors… but the main problem when it comes to late finish dates is usually present right at the beginning.

Here’s a typical scenario:

Annual Bleacher Inspections provided by Charron Sports ServicesDo you often skip routine annual inspections of your bleachers or grandstands? It may seem like no big deal, or perhaps you just forgot. The thing is, consistent maintenance and inspection is key for keeping your indoor or outdoor bleachers safe. If you skip annual inspections, you could be opening your facility up to liability concerns if any accidents occur. Don’t rely on using employees who may not be trained on what to look for — call in an experienced service professional from Charron Sports Services. We train our service professionals to know exactly what sort of weaknesses or small repairs they should be looking for, and exactly what to do about it. Before deciding whether or not you need to be scheduling annual inspections, ask yourself these three questions:

What About Bleacher Inspections?

Keep Your Facility Up to Code - Certified Bleacher Inspections Bleachers that go without maintenance or inspection run into serious safety concerns like broken seats, structural issues, dragging on the floor, or the power system breaking down entirely. While some facilities just put up an “out of...