Charron Sports Services provides bleacher installation, inspection, and repair in the SoutheastFootball season is coming up! With high school or independent league games soon to be a near-weekly occurrence, you may already have a child preparing to start training for the season or just be looking forward to attending the games as a fan. As much fun as these games are to watch, it’s all too easy to go from a devoted supporter to the kind of fan whose behavior can ruin things for everyone else. Here’s a few tips on what NOT to do when watching the game:


  • There’s a difference between being enthusiastic and being rude. We’ve all seen it; the one person who just won’t sit down (blocking the view of everyone behind them) or who spends the whole game shouting mean or cruel statements at the other team. Remember; it really is just a game. The other team doesn’t score just to personally insult you; they’re there to have a good time and compete against each other. As much as you (understandably) want your child’s team to win, the game isn’t about you.
  • The coach doesn’t really need your advice. Neither does the referee. While you may be certain that what you just witnessed was a bad call, the referee and the fans in the stands don’t need you to loudly explain everything the ref just did wrong and what you would do instead. Save it for discussion after the game — going over everything that happened and how it could have been done differently is half the fun! Also keep in mind that the coach is trying to lead his team in a fair manner and also win the game — they may not make all the exact decisions you would, and that’s okay. The players are out there developing important skills and competitive abilities, not to star in their own one-man show.
  • When the announcer says, “Please rise for the national anthem,” it's important to show respect. If you are able, always stand for the national anthem. Remove your cap, if you are wearing one, and remain silent during the anthem (unless the announcer asks for everyone to sing.) Ideally, everyone should stand still until the song is finished. This moment of respect and unity is important, and all too often it’s neglected in favor of using the moment to rush towards the concession stand, chat with friends, or it’s ignored entirely. Remember, kids learn how to behave by watching adults behave.
  • Here’s one suggestion on what you SHOULD do: have fun! You’re there to support your child, maybe a friend or relative’s child, or just as a member of the community. Make sure you enjoy yourself and have a good time! Football games can be a great time to catch up on friends’ lives, what’s going on at the school or in the local community, or just to enjoy being outside in the fresh air.

Football season is an annual event for high schools all over the country. While everyone wants their home team to win, practicing these tips for fan etiquette during the time you spend in the stands (no matter what the scoreboard says) can help your loved ones on the field have more fun and may encourage them to value their time playing football all the more. If you work with a school, government facility, gymnasium, or fitness center and you’re looking for bleacher inspections, refurbishment of old or outdated bleacher systems, repairs, or to install a whole new set of bleachers — Charron Sports Services is the company to call! We’d love to speak with you about your facility’s needs and what we can do to help. Give us a call at (800) 745-0465 or contact us online today!

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