Charron provides equipment and repair services on indoor and outdoor bleachers, basketball backstops and much more.


Repair & Maintenance

Updates to Keep Your Bleachers and Athletic Equipment Safe We strive to see our first-time customers become repeat customers. One of our best decisions has been to offer annual maintenance and preventative maintenance service plans to our clients.

Outdoor/Aluminum Bleachers

Cost-Effective, Long-Lasting Outdoor Bleachers When you’ve packed the stands during a football game or local event, it’s imperative to know that your bleachers are safe. That’s why Charron Sports Services has partnered with long-standing, reliable bleacher manufacturers.

Inspections – Repair & Maintenance – Service Plans - Parts Inspections

Keep Your Facility Up to Code With Professional Inspections Bleachers and athletic equipment that go without maintenance or inspection run into serious safety concerns like broken seats, structural issues, or code violations that may go unnoticed.

Charron Sports is different.

Charron bleachers is the foremost bleacher company in the Southeast US. We have been in business for over 50 years and specialize in repairing and refurbishing indoor and outdoor bleachers and basketball backstops.


Annual Bleacher Inspections provided by Charron Sports ServicesDo you often skip routine annual inspections of your bleachers or grandstands? It may seem like no big deal, or perhaps you just forgot. The thing is, consistent maintenance and inspection is key for keeping your indoor or outdoor bleachers safe. If you skip annual inspections, you could be opening your facility up to liability concerns if any accidents occur. Don’t rely on using employees who may not be trained on what to look for — call in an experienced service professional from Charron Sports Services. We train our service professionals to know exactly what sort of weaknesses or small repairs they should be looking for, and exactly what to do about it. Before deciding whether or not you need to be scheduling annual inspections, ask yourself these three questions:


1. Are my bleachers new, or are they older and beginning to show their age? Newly-built bleachers may really only need inspections every other year or so, but older bleachers require regular maintenance and annual inspections. An older set of bleachers may weaken with time, bolts and screws may loosen, safety guardrails could become loose or wobbly. Make certain your older bleachers are getting annual maintenance (or have them refurbished) to ensure you maintain the high safety standards required for your facility.

2. Am I scheduling inspections for indoor bleachers, outdoor bleachers, or both? Bleachers set up outdoors are going to take a beating. Between the fluctuating weather conditions, dirt and debris tracked in on the shoes of employees and visitors, and temperature changes throughout the seasons, even strong aluminum bleachers may be more prone to weakening over time. Make sure your outdoor bleachers are inspected annually to ensure that they’re still up to safety standards.

3. Are my events designed for light attendance, or are we packing the stands full? If you have older bleachers, this question is probably the most important one. The occupancy limits imposed during their original construction may no longer be accurate — the weight of the average person has changed and the bleachers’ strength could have weakened over time. New inspections may give you a new occupancy rating to go by. Even new bleachers may not be prepared for fully packed stands of enthusiastic visitors or fans. If your events are crowded, ensure that your bleachers are inspected annually in order to keep your facility free of liability issues and make sure everything is up to code.

When you’ve taken the time out of your day to schedule inspections, you don’t want to have someone who interrupts your time, is barely there five minutes, and walks out the door. Charron Sports Services prides ourselves on our honest communication with our clients and our thorough inspection process, helping us find weak spots and work with you on the best and most cost-effective ways to fix little problems before they become big ones. Give Charron Sports Services a call at (800) 745-0465 or contact us online to learn more!