Charron Bleachers President awarded for 5 years of supporting VSPMA!Charron Sport’s President, Maury Purcell, was just awarded a plaque for 5 continuous years of supporting the Virginia School Plant Management Association(VSPMA). Charron has supported VSPMA for the last 5 of the organization’s 7 years.

In addition to VSPMA, Charron has supported Florida’s association (FSPMA) for 22 years; Kentucky’s (KSPMA) for 16 years, Tennessee’s (TSPMA) for 15 years, Georgia’s association for 10 years, and Alabama’s association for 5 years.

Charron believes in actively supporting these associations and their ongoing educational efforts. Maury has presented numerous times to these organizations on bleacher inspections and maintenance.

What About Bleacher Inspections?

Keep Your Facility Up to Code - Certified Bleacher Inspections Bleachers that go without maintenance or inspection run into serious safety concerns like broken seats, structural issues, dragging on the floor, or the power system breaking down entirely. While some facilities just put up an “out of...