Service Agreements provide annual preventative maintenance on your gym equipment at the same price for a 3-5 year term. They are designed to budget for service work and to avoid the unexpected fees with maintaining equipment. Although motors, broken parts, and other components might need replacing from time to time, having your equipment serviced at a district-wide level, on an annual basis, cuts down on major repairs and surprises. Not to mention, a Service Agreement shows your school district and community that you have an ongoing plan for maintenance and safety with a reputable firm. It shows that you care about safety.

Let us shed some light on typical questions we get on Service Agreements and explain the benefits of why school districts containing bleachers and basketball backstops would benefit from a Service Agreement by Charron.

Some facilities only schedule maintenance when something goes wrong.  The problem is every year the price to maintain their equipment fluctuates, which makes it hard for budgeting purposes.  Studies show that repairs are more expensive, if something goes wrong vs. maintaining on an annual basis.

Sometimes funds can be limited, unavailable on short notice, or moved to another source in emergency situations. Charron’s Service Agreement offers clients flexibility like no other plan. We work with you to assure safety and proper equipment operation and reliability...all mindful of your school district’s ever-changing environment.

How can you offer this price and know you can maintain it?

We can do this because at Charron we have over 40 years of experience in the industry and are able to pinpoint expected yearly requirements for each piece of equipment based many factors, including, and not limited to: the manufacturer, the various issues with each model, and the facility’s use.

Other Reasons to Have a Service Agreement in Place:

  • It transfers liability to the service provider, reducing your district’s risk

  • Experience less calls and work orders sent in for emergency repairs

  • Extends the life of your equipment by not having something break before you fix it

  • 1 year defined warranty

The better question may be …

“Why am I not doing this?”


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