Telescoping Bleachers

Charron Sports prides itself on the installation and sale of new indoor telescoping bleachers manufactured by Kodiak Industries. Kodiak Industries is one of the leading bleacher manufacturers in the world, which means we are offering you the best telescoping bleachers available.

Charron gives you easy-to-use bleacher setup. Safety and security are at the push of a button. The motorized, telescoping bleachers give you the ability to immediately, safely and securely move your sports bleachers into use.

  • One person can easily and safely setup or close the telescoping bleachers with the push of a button.
  • Charron's patented plug-in modular system runs on readily available 110v.
  • The motorized unit is easily installed and safe to use. There is never any power in the unit except when it is activated.
Contact us now to learn more about our telescoping bleachers and how we can install them in your gymnasium.

telescoping bleachers