New Indoor Telescoping Bleacher And Basketball Goal Installations

Charron Sports Services can build you the gymnasium bleachers your facility needs!We’ve all spent time in the bleachers at basketball or volleyball games, with the crowd sometimes leaping to their feet, stomping in frustration, going up and down throughout. When those bleachers are in your facility, you want to know they’re built to be strong and safe, protecting the people in stands and ensuring your facility doesn’t end up liable in the case of an accident. What sort of gym equipment do we have available?

Telescoping Bleachers. We provide the sale and installation of new indoor telescoping bleachers manufactured by Kodiak Industries. One of the leading bleacher manufacturers in the world, working with Kodiak Industries ensures we offer the best telescoping bleachers available. Telescoping bleachers have a very user-friendly setup - safety and security are built right in. Motorized telescoping bleachers give you the ability to immediately and securely move your bleachers into position.

  • One person can safely set up or close the telescoping bleachers with only the push of a button.
  • Our patented plug-in modular system runs on readily available 110v.
  • The motorized unit is easily installed and safe to use. There is never active power in the unit except when it is currently activated for motion.
  • Kodiak's bleacher system is the toughest on the market, resistant to abuse, with steel components, plush seats, and motor systems.

Basketball Backstops. We provide high-quality basketball equipment at the best possible price. Our ceiling-suspended basketball backstops feature fully welded frames, ensuring the safest construction available. Add electric winches, with remote control and industry-leading safety straps available, and you're ready to go.

Charron Sports will guide you through the process of selecting the right backstop to meet your facility’s individual needs, either retrofitting an older gym or a new facility. Our professional, experienced technicians will install and set up your backstop, answering any questions you may have about care and maintenance. We don’t just sell you the backstop and run — as with any purchase from Charron Sports, you can rest assured you will also receive the great client-based service you’ve come to rely on.

Miscellaneous other gym equipment.. We don’t just begin and end with bleachers and backstops. We can also help you with volleyball equipment, wall pads, divider curtains, and more. We can outfit your entire gymnasium from start to finish.

What can you expect when you decide to give Charron Sports a try? First off, a phone call or online contact. We’ll schedule a consultation where we will go over your facility’s needs and what you’re looking for. At that point, we’ll set up an on-site visit so Charron can get a better feel and measurements of the facility we would be working on. Afterward, we will either give an estimate/quote or a written assessment, based on what kind of documentation your facility requires, before taking on the job.

When you need a partner to provide your facility with top quality bleachers, basketball backstops, and gym materials available, you need Charron Sports Services. Give us a call at (800) 745-0465 or contact us online today to take the first step!

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